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Safeguard Against Invisible Threats

The average vehicle holds up to 800 kinds of germs and bacteria, which are spread around the interior every time you turn on the air conditioning system.

No matter how clean and tidy you keep your car, the fact remains that it’s a breeding ground for microorganisms that can spread illness and expose your family to infection.

Whether you are looking to deep clean your car, a used vehicle or sanitise a new car, Stayzon ensures that your car, as well as its passengers, are protected even at a microscopic level.

Our Antimicrobial Shield automotive sanitisation system is designed to eradicate 99.99% of germs and bacteria at their source. Once applied, it creates a long-lasting invisible barrier, eliminating harmful microbes and bacteria as well as any odours that can come with them.

Safeguard Against Invisible Threats
Kills and Protects
Kills and Protects Proven effective against 99.99% of all known viruses and bacteria.
Long acting
Long Term Protection Bonded antimicrobial technology which stays active for months even after repeated washing and cleaning.
Air conditioning sanitiser
Stop Mould and Mildew Build Up Removes and protects against bad odours, mould and mildew spores.
Reduces bad odours
Reduces Bad Odours Helps to eliminate bad odours caused by pet smells and body perspiration
Hypoallergenic Dermatologically tested and completely safe to use
Applies to all surfaces
Applies To All Surfaces Bonds to any hard or soft surface and dries completely invisible.

How Does It Work?

Antimicrobial Shield treatment utilises advanced Lysis technology to puncture the cell membrane of the microbe, hence destroying its structure completely. Microscopic pin-like defendants coat the surface, to kill the pathogens by piercing and rupturing the cell wall before it settles and penetrates onto a surface.

How Does It Work?

The treatment is easily applied with an atomiser and the protective barrier continues to work beyond application for months even after washing, making it the best interior hygiene system for all vehicles - a necessary addition for any health-conscious driver.

Target Areas

  • Steering Wheel

    Steering Wheel

  • Gear Stick

    Gear Stick

  • Air Vents

    Air Vents

  • All Interior Surfaces

    All Interior Surfaces

  • Pet Odour

    Pet Odour

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